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the "Holiday Decorating" list.


It was with some amount of hesitance that we began decorating the store for the holidays in early November. But hey -- people need to have their ornaments on hand for when the decorating season officially begins, and we're just here to help. Really. Santa Lucia Boxed Ornament Set/27  •   $42 So... ornaments. San Francisco based Roost brings us these fantastic balsa-wood snowflakes. There are three each of 9 individual designs. The bonus is that they come in a sturdy, beautiful box for festive giving and easy storage.  Look for them on our holiday postcard. Snowflake Ornaments Schmukka (Ornaments from Germany)  •  $12.50 each.  And while everyone loves snowflakes, leave it to the Germans to give us sheep, stars, angels, trees, and moose:Wood and felt moose ornamentornaments made simply of wood and felt. As one young customer said last weekend, "Just like Grandma, direct and to the point." We think they also exhibit a subtle sense of humor. Balsa Wood Trees  •  $36 - $56 Silver Plated Snowflakes and Garland • $30 - $38 More great design from our friends at Roost. If your abode is small and cozy -- voila! Decorate one of these sweeties for the holidays and then blissfully store them at the bottom of your  sock drawer for next year -- they pack flat. If your dining room table will be seating 15 for a holiday meal, set a few trees on the table to welcome the spirit of the season. Note the gift boxes at the bottom in the photo -- $2.50 and the perfect way to surprise someone with some Smersh Design Jewelry. balsa wood tree silver garlandbalsa wood tree silver snowflakesilver snowflakesnowflake in a tree

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