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Karen Derby Photography at Click!


When we heard about Karen's accident we were shocked. Karen used to work with us at Click! We know her to be a very focused individual who set high standards for herself whatever the task. While we constructed jewelry, she and I had conversations about riding and her bikes -- a Kawasaki and a Harley. She is passionate. I particularly remember how long it took Karen to leave work. There was ritual; the jacket, the chaps, the hair pulled back, the helmet and the bike warming up. It seemed to take forever, but none of it was optional and she took care with each step. Karen Derby bike shadow We're so glad to see that Karen has made such amazing progress since her accident. We are also glad to have her and her photography at Click! She will be joining us sometime after 6:30pm for the West Seattle Artwalk so come by, wish her well and take a look at her wonderful photography. BTW, Click! will not take any commission on the sale of her work. 100% of each sale goes into her pocket for expenses during rehabilitation. So consider a purchase (cash or check, please). We will also have envelopes available if you would like to make a donation directly to the account set up by her friends to help her out.  Friends Of Karen Derby, Account Number 3622621070, at any Wells Fargo Bank. Hope to see you! Also, we mentioned this all in our newsletter, which you can view here. And you can sign up over here.

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