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Felt that Rocks


Sometimes we buy things that are not exactly practical, because we love them. I don't really know what exactly you are going to do with your new felt rocks, but I suspect you can start by loving them like we do.Felt Pebbles These amazing rocks are made of 100% merino wool. They were designed by Ronel Jordaan in Johannesberg, South Africa, and made by women in a successful job creation program. row of felt pebbles The pebbles vary in size from 3-5". Incredibly, they also make them as large as pillows, Ottomans, and even pilates ball covers. We can special order the larger sizes: Ottomans and Pillows ...which have more obvious uses. And sure, the pebbles/stones could be pincushions or cat toys or things to throw in your glass house, but what I really want to do is get several of them and make an Andy Goldsworthy sculpture, of sorts.

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