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Impressive Presses


It's no secret that we love coffee here in the Emerald City. It takes a lot to impress the average Seattleite with a cup o' joe, so when we tried the coffee from the French presses by Forlife it was a pleasant (and delicious) surprise. Apparently the editors at Imbibe magazine were just as inspired as we were to give due accolades to these stylish little presses. In a recent article, Imbibe names the Coffee For One press as the best singe-serving coffee press, touting it's attractive design, functionality, simple construction, and clean, sediment-free coffee. The only con they list? The enclosed brewing instructions don't yield a strong enough cup of coffee -- a problem easily remedied by more grounds or more sleep. We have the single-serving press and a larger 34 oz. press in an array of fun colors at Click, so snap one up before they're gone!

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