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Shopping Trolleys regularly $49,

25% off for mentioning The Cart Project $36.75 [UPDATE 9/14/08: Cart Project promotion is over. Carts will be available on our e-commerce site soon.]

Surfing the West Seattle Blog (a favorite pastime here at Click), we were delighted to encounter an article about The Cart Project. This program encourages Westwood Village shoppers to use wheeled handcarts to run shopping errands rather than driving to and fro. Until the project expands to the rest of West Seattle, we've decided to encourage this great idea by discounting our lovely shopping trolley selection. Just come in and mention the The Cart Project and receive 25% off the purchase of one of these sturdy, stylin' little numbers. [UPDATE 9/14/08: Cart Project discount no longer available] Personal Testimonial - John and I have had our trolley for over a year now. We carry quite a load between home and Click! Zara, (we've named her) has saved our backs. Farmer's Market? Go ahead and buy a sack of potatoes, some beets and a bunch of flowers. It all fits and it will be a much more enjoyable walk home.

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