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  • From the designer | why concrete is the perfect choice for a wedding band

    [Shared, with permission, from Karen Konzuk's blog]
    Copy & image credit: Karen Konzuk


    I have recently received compelling stories from customers as to why they have chosen our concrete bands to symbolically represent their marriage. It has me thinking that it might be beneficial if I share some information about concrete.

    Perhaps the earliest known occurrence of cement was twelve million years ago (according to Wikipedia). It is amazing to think that a material that was discovered millions of years ago is still being used today, and not to mention innovatively! ie. jewelry!

    Concrete is a sustainable and affordable resource which is made up of an aggregate, cement and water. When you think of the definition of aggregate it is described as, “a whole formed by combining several typically disparate elements.” Sounds a lot like marriage, doesn’t it?


    Concrete only gets stronger and better over time. It takes many years for concrete to reach its true strength. It also will change over time with daily wear to reflect your tendencies. Concrete is strong enough to survive many disasters, such as fires, earthquakes and storms. Also sounds a little like marriage. We all have our ups and downs and know that we can make it through.

    So what have customers said about why they bought concrete rings?
    One customer told us, “Our 17th Anniversary wedding bands made of concrete and steel. Strong and unique, like the love we have for each other. A friend of mine told me the other day that we were the only couple he could ever imagine trading in their gold and diamond wedding bands for concrete and steel.”

    And another, "It’s just because we thought they looked cool, they were affordable and something more snazzy than a simple gold band. I’ll proudly wear it knowing just how well it represents the fabric of what we have.”

    There you have it! If you are looking for something to represent the growing strength in your relationship, the combining of many elements to make one, that ever lasting union, and something that will weather the hard times, then concrete is a perfect choice!

    - Karen Konzuk


    If you're interested in seeing more of Karen's work, join us at her trunk show Saturday, April 16th, from 10-5p. She will be launching her STELLAR line of concrete & diamond dust jewelry, as well as bringing a full collection of her concrete rings and jewelry.

  • Collection Launch with Karen Konzuk

    We. Love. Karen. Konzuk.

    Karen is a PNW-based jeweler working out of Vancouver, BC. She's known for her modern, minimal designs featuring industrial materials like stainless steel and concrete, often juxtaposed with precious metals and diamonds. We've carried her signature lines of commitment rings for years, and many of you have celebrated your engagements & weddings with her rock-solid designs.


    We're thrilled to share that on Saturday, April 16th from 10-5p, we're holding a launch of Konzuk's Stellar collection, featuring inlaid concrete & diamond dust (translation: sparkling, shimmering concrete). Along with her other jewelry collections (which feature coal black concrete and ombre concrete spheres), she will be bringing her line of modern commitment rings. We're excited to share that we'll have times available for people to sign up & meet with her for a ring consultation - email hello@clickdesignthatfits.com to sign up for available times.


    Expect a gorgeous spread of her full jewelry lines, and time to meet this one of a kind designer / maker.

  • February, Valentine's Day, & some gifts to get you through them


    Happy February! It's a funny month; short, winter-y, cold. The first day of February always makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from Tom Robbins:

    "February is pitiless, and it is boring. That parade of red numerals on its page adds up to zero: birthday of politicians, a holiday reserved for rodents; what kind of celebrations are those? The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine's Day. It was no accident that our ancestors pinned Valentine's Day on February's shirt: he or she lucky enough to have a lover in frigid, antsy February has cause for celebration, indeed."


    In case you want to treat a loved one, a friend, a partner or yourself (absolutely no judgements here; it all counts as a celebration!) to help get through February's slow 28 days, we have some lovely presents for any budget.

    Firstly, the portable Marshall speakers above are *amazing*. Charge it for up to 20 hours of (really impressive) sound. Bluetooth enabled, or directly plug in your device. These guys were super popular during the holidays, and we just got them back in stock. A lovely companion for curling up on the couch and listening to your favorite albums or catching up on podcasts.

    jacobsen salt

    Love red wine? Love salt? Portland-based Jacobsen Salt Co. infuses fragrant Willamette Valley Pinot Noir with their Oregon flake salt. Wonderful finishing salt on pasta, steak, fish, roasted mushrooms, or anything you might enjoy with a glass of Pinot Noir. The addition of Jacobsen Salt to any dish simply makes it better - a small luxury that you probably deserve.


    We're also restocked with jewelry from Julia Turner, our latest jewelry crush from San Francisco. Beautiful colors and thoughtful materials are paired together to create light, visually striking work. Fair warning: Julia Turner jewelry can actually cause you to look forward to getting up and getting dressed in the morning, which, let's face it, can be a real struggle this time of year.


    And Herbivore Botanicals! Talk about a staff favorite. These products are a perfect addition to February. Moisturizing, soothing, cleansing, and lightly fragrant - all of their products are naturally luxurious. Made in Seattle, with all natural ingredients.

    Hope this helps!



  • Celebrating the Modern Mom

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we don’t believe in messing around when it comes to choosing gifts for your favorite lady. Sure – we know all hard working moms love flowers and brunch, but this year treat your mom – or your baby's mama – to something that will last.

    Moms - sometimes dad and the kids need all the help they can get. There's no shame in dropping a few hints from this list!

    The heyday of the Hobo is still very much alive, and we are over the moon for their new summer line of handbags and wallets. The colors are absolutely perfect for the season, and these jewel tones will transition well into the latter part of the year.

    With an available compartment on every inch of these wallets, your mom will have no problem staying organized. Every woman dreams of having all of her essentials consolidated, and these bags and wallets are here to the rescue. Fashionable functionality for the win.

    Looking for the perfect gift to pair with that handbag or wallet? A little minimalism goes a long way. These earrings and pendant necklaces from Konzuk are simply perfect for the modern mom.

    Made of concrete and stainless steel, this architecturally inspired jewelry line is sure to please the modern-day mother. Seriously though – how chic are these earrings?

    We have tons of other jewelry options in store and online to choose from, including collections by Frances Smersh and Sarah Loertscher. To browse our full line of Hobo bags and for other Mother’s Day gift ideas, come visit us in the Junction!

  • Meet the Makers: Shelli Markee and re-Ply Furniture

    Thursday night September 11 we will host two makers from very different disciplines. Shelli Markee, the artist whose wire birds soar up the walls at Click!, will flesh out the space with more flora and fauna sculptures in wire. Steve Lawler, a Tacoma woodworker whose reclaimed furniture line is one of the newest additions to the Click! showroom floor, will also be on hand to talk about his solid goods.

    photo 2_2


    Shelli's wire works are three-dimensional line drawings, capturing the essence of their subject without color or shading. They are instantly recognizable despite their minimalism. The inspiration she finds in the natural world is comes through in the familiarity of her creations.

    Joining Shelli at Click! will be Steve Lawler of rePly Furniture. Steve uses remnant pieces from cabinet shops, layered and pressed to create modern, beautiful, and comfortable chairs, benches, and tables. Steve will be on hand to talk about his process and inspiration, and will be bringing more pieces than we normally have stocked. "Making plywood beautiful", indeed!


  • Karen Konzuk & her ground breaking jewelry

    We're really lucky that Karen likes visiting Seattle. We get to see what's fresh off her jeweler's bench! Check this bi-metal ring. Steel outside, a peek of gold from the inside and so much room for light to shine thru that diamond!...careful it's blinding - in a very good way.KMR171dg_a-600

    Karen is also bringing earrings, necklaces and bracelets from a several collections that haven't been shown at Click! before.kmp195-600-1


    So put Saturday May 3rd from 11am to 5pm on your calendar and come to Click! and lay your eyes on ground breaking contemporary jewelry design by Karen Konzuk.

  • Steel Toe Jewelry

    This Thursday's Art Walk captures two artists in the midst of their evolutions: jeweler Frances Smersh is painting, and blacksmith Erica Gordon is making jewelry.

    You know Erica Gordon from her belt buckles: forged, welded, and fabricated in her Georgetown studio. She's taken her same bold aesthetic and scaled it down to jewelry: wearable, sexy, and strong.



    Our own Frances Smersh continues to explore shapes and forms, not in metal but acrylic and mixed media. Think of it as jewelry for your walls.

    Cast of Characters

    Don't worry, we'll still have plenty of Frances's jewelry and Erica's belt buckles!

    West Seattle Art Walk is every second Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. View the walking map here.

  • New jewelry, trunk show, SALE!

    Sarah Loertscher has been ripping up the jewelry and fashion world with her daring, geometric forms: supersized, can't-miss pieces and subtle, wear-it-everyday faceted metals. This Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend, Sarah will be introducing two new lines -- Ridgeline and Parallels -- during a special event at Click!. Our entire collection of Sarah Loertscher Jewelry will be discounted 20% for Saturday only.

    Ridgeline is Sarah's exploration of the simpler side of jewelry: bold and modern, yet simple and easy to live in. Check out the "plateau" on these rings:

    Architectural Rings

    With the Parallels collection, Sarah takes the outline of a form and repeats it. The result is jewelry that moves and changes as you wear it.

    Geometric Necklace

    Click! will be open 10am to 5pm for Small Business Saturday and Sarah Loertscher Trunk Show!

  • Ringing in the season with Konzuk rings!

    Karen Konzuk is making her way down from Canada with a sleigh full of new ring designs and a collection of her minimal necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. Meet the designer of our best selling line of unique wedding bands and see an extended selection of amazing designs.

    Konzuk Jewelry Seattle

    Konzuk is famous for her concrete and stainless steel jewelry. Even more stunning are her tension-set conflict-free Canadian diamond rings. Both make a statement: this is not your grandmother's wedding ring!


    Saturday November 16th is the day, 11am to 5pm is the time. Snacks and bevs will be part of the festivities. A limited number of appointments are available if you'd like to discuss custom options with the artist.

    concrete jewelry steel ring

    Tension Set Diamond Ring Seattle

  • Seriously solid Jewelry

    what  •  the introduction of Click!'s comprehensive collection of Konzuk engagement rings and wedding bands  •  the launch of Orbis, Karen Konzuk's new line of concrete and gold jewelry  •  the opportunity to meet the artist!

    when  •  Saturday May 4th, 11am to 5pm (RSVP on our Facebook event page)

    why  •  because this is Design That Fits


    Although we have retired our own line of concrete jewelry, we do have a soft spot for the material. It therefore makes us extremely happy to be hosting the launch of Karen Konzuk's Orbis collection.



    Combining steel, cast concrete orbs in incrementally varying greys, and forged spheres of bright gold, Karen has created an absolutely stunning collection of work.

    Come by to meet Karen and have a sip of bubbly with us. If you're in the market for a unique piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime... you can have your rings sized by the artist!


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