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  • Behind the Product | Kate Alarcón

    Get to know Kate Alarcón, the designer / maker behind the gorgeous Instagram sensation, CobraLilyShop. She'll be teaching ten lucky people how to make paper ranunculuses this Saturday, May 7th at Click!

    Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.29.41 PM


    What do you make / design?
    I make and teach paper plants and flowers.

    What is it made of?
    Mostly crepe paper, but I also sometimes use tissue paper and cardstock.

    How is it made?
    By hand.  I hand cut all the leaves and petals and assemble them myself.  It's very time intensive but also extremely fun.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.35.46 PM

    How did you get started?

    At first, making flowers was just one of a hundred other crafts I did.  But I started to really dive in after feeling frustrated at my limited ability to garden.  I loved the idea of having flowers all over the apartment, but didn't have a place to really grow them, so I started to build up my flower-making skills.  Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted to make a flower garland for her room.  It was a big part of my experience of preparing to bring her into our family.  She was an extremely lively baby; the doctor would always have to kind of chase her around my belly to get a heartbeat.  Her personality seemed to me to be really bright and vivid and vivacious.  I felt like a pastel room wouldn't suit her.  So I made these over-sized, brightly colored dahlias, peonies, and roses for her room.  After that, I was hooked.  (Also, I was right about her temperament!)

    Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.30.30 PM

    Career highlight thus far?

    I really like the different ways my business allows me to interact with other creative people.  I like trading ideas on instagram, creating projects for Design Sponge, and getting to teach those projects in workshops.  Its really satisfying to me when someone says they're excited to try a tutorial, because, as a craft nut, I've felt that excitement about other people's projects, and it's one of the things that makes life feel joyful to me.  I like feeling like my job is to help creative people nurture themselves, either by making their own paper flora, or by filling their spaces with the flowers I've made.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.29.02 PM

    Anything else we should know that’s not included above? Specific inspiration? Aspects of your work / business / general awesomeness that sets you apart from the pack?

    I think, among paper flower makers and enthusiasts, I'm probably known as the crazy lady who will try all kind of weird things to make an idea happen.  I don't really have a specific wheelhouse, like a specific genre of flowers; I like to experiment with everything from showy blooms to delicate wild flowers and orchids to creepy carnivorous plants to cacti.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.47.00 PM


    We're so excited to have Kate at Click! for our inaugural class this Saturday, May 7th, and have a sneaking suspicion it's going to happen again. Sign up for our mailing list to make sure you don't miss out (this class sold out in 2 days!) or email hello@clickdesignthatfits.com to be put on our May 7th waiting list.


  • Local Spotlight | Art With Heart


    Art With Heart

    Saturday, April 30th, the West Seattle Junction is holding its first annual Junction Day of Giving, where Junction businesses commit to donating 10% of the day's income to a local nonprofit organization. As of this writing, more than 25 Junction businesses are taking part in this fundraising campaign. Man, we love being part of this community so much.

    Art With Heart kids

    We are partnering with Art with Heart, a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting the well-being of children adversely affected by hardship through creative expression. Founded in 2002, Art with Heart has created therapeutic books that bring together the best in therapy with playful, beautiful illustrations to help children and teens facing trauma and loss. These books quietly guide the reader through creative exercises that help them explore, understand, and deal with difficult emotions. One of our amazing associates, Shannon, volunteers with Art with Heart, which is how we found out about this program and the impact it’s having in local schools and across the country.

    047Dulce_8_MMMe_LtrDuring Saturday’s event, we'll have a volunteer on-site to talk about Art with Heart, and some of their therapeutic books for browsing. The week of April 24-30th, we'll also have an installation of artwork and children's responses to the Art with Heart program incorporated into our window display, so stop by to learn more (even outside of normal store hours!).

    Art With Heart booksWe hope to see you on the 30th to help support Art with Heart and so many other local nonprofits. If you were planning on going shopping in the Junction soon, please choose to do so on the last Saturday in April. Shop local, support local!

  • From the designer | why concrete is the perfect choice for a wedding band

    [Shared, with permission, from Karen Konzuk's blog]
    Copy & image credit: Karen Konzuk


    I have recently received compelling stories from customers as to why they have chosen our concrete bands to symbolically represent their marriage. It has me thinking that it might be beneficial if I share some information about concrete.

    Perhaps the earliest known occurrence of cement was twelve million years ago (according to Wikipedia). It is amazing to think that a material that was discovered millions of years ago is still being used today, and not to mention innovatively! ie. jewelry!

    Concrete is a sustainable and affordable resource which is made up of an aggregate, cement and water. When you think of the definition of aggregate it is described as, “a whole formed by combining several typically disparate elements.” Sounds a lot like marriage, doesn’t it?


    Concrete only gets stronger and better over time. It takes many years for concrete to reach its true strength. It also will change over time with daily wear to reflect your tendencies. Concrete is strong enough to survive many disasters, such as fires, earthquakes and storms. Also sounds a little like marriage. We all have our ups and downs and know that we can make it through.

    So what have customers said about why they bought concrete rings?
    One customer told us, “Our 17th Anniversary wedding bands made of concrete and steel. Strong and unique, like the love we have for each other. A friend of mine told me the other day that we were the only couple he could ever imagine trading in their gold and diamond wedding bands for concrete and steel.”

    And another, "It’s just because we thought they looked cool, they were affordable and something more snazzy than a simple gold band. I’ll proudly wear it knowing just how well it represents the fabric of what we have.”

    There you have it! If you are looking for something to represent the growing strength in your relationship, the combining of many elements to make one, that ever lasting union, and something that will weather the hard times, then concrete is a perfect choice!

    - Karen Konzuk


    If you're interested in seeing more of Karen's work, join us at her trunk show Saturday, April 16th, from 10-5p. She will be launching her STELLAR line of concrete & diamond dust jewelry, as well as bringing a full collection of her concrete rings and jewelry.

  • FluffyCo Tunic Pop Up



    So, all of us here at Click! love well-designed goods - that's absolutely apparent by our obsession (and ownership) of the majority of items found at the store. And while we are mostly a lifestyle store, that doesn't stop us from admiring clothing and other items that don't fit neatly within the typical Click! umbrella of home accessories. A great example of this are FluffyCo's tunics. We carry FluffyCo's bottle openers, belt buckles, and glasses cases, BUT they also make these amazing dresses that a few of our associates keep wearing to the store on a very (very) frequent basis, which is making the rest of us extremely jealous.


    So, those of us who don't have the fabled FluffyCo tunics cried out for a change, and the powers that be decided to have a one-day-only FluffyCo tunic pop up. OMG. Our FluffyCo friends are shipping up a bunch of these magical dresses from San Francisco for all of us to try on and take home, and you're totally invited to the party.


    Save the date for Saturday, April 23rd. Prepare to fall in love with what is arguably the perfect tunic (IT HAS POCKETS, Y'ALL!) and be proud that it's made in America, screen printed with love from FluffyCo. SEE YOU THERE!


  • April Art Walk | Brainstorm Prints


    April showers bring May flowers, and April Art Walk brings... fresh artwork from our new friends at New Hampshire-based Brainstorm Prints! We are so excited to welcome Brainstorm into the Click! family. We love their perfect blend of art & science, handmade & production. Do yourself a favor and read their "About Us" to get an idea of the people behind the prints. We love them!


    Join us for the next Art Walk on Thursday, April 14th from 6-9p. We'll be showcasing Brainstorm's screen prints that feature diagrams and charts about the sun, ocean, pine trees, mountain layers, clouds, and more. Perfect for kids or the curious science-lover in your life!








  • Collection Launch with Karen Konzuk

    We. Love. Karen. Konzuk.

    Karen is a PNW-based jeweler working out of Vancouver, BC. She's known for her modern, minimal designs featuring industrial materials like stainless steel and concrete, often juxtaposed with precious metals and diamonds. We've carried her signature lines of commitment rings for years, and many of you have celebrated your engagements & weddings with her rock-solid designs.


    We're thrilled to share that on Saturday, April 16th from 10-5p, we're holding a launch of Konzuk's Stellar collection, featuring inlaid concrete & diamond dust (translation: sparkling, shimmering concrete). Along with her other jewelry collections (which feature coal black concrete and ombre concrete spheres), she will be bringing her line of modern commitment rings. We're excited to share that we'll have times available for people to sign up & meet with her for a ring consultation - email hello@clickdesignthatfits.com to sign up for available times.


    Expect a gorgeous spread of her full jewelry lines, and time to meet this one of a kind designer / maker.

  • Product spotlight | Scrappy's Lavender Bitters


    Scrappy's Bitters is a Seattle-based company creating delicious, inventive bitters that transform cocktails and sparking water alike. We love this local company, and especially love that they freely share a great collection of cocktail recipes on their website. Here's one submitted by Tavern Law, a speakeasy in Capitol Hill, which highlights their original lavender bitters. Maybe impress your Valentine by masterfully mixing a delicious cocktail? Start practicing!


    1 1/4 OZ GIN
    1/2 OZ APEROL
    1/2 OZ ST. GERMAIN


  • February Artwalk | George Perrou

    We are thrilled to welcome back George Perrou for his second solo show at Click!. Perrou's mid-century modern paintings are a perfect pairing with many of Click!'s products (and many of the homes in West Seattle!), and his bright, cheerful aesthetic is perfect for welcoming spring.


    For the uninitiated, Perrou is a self-taught artist from Portland, OR. His unique mid-century style is heavily influenced by the animation and imagery he devoured as a child.

    He'll be bringing all-new work for our February Artwalk, which opens February 11th, from 6-9p. Perrou will be here for the opening reception, so be sure to stop by to meet the man behind the paintings!

  • February, Valentine's Day, & some gifts to get you through them


    Happy February! It's a funny month; short, winter-y, cold. The first day of February always makes me think of one of my favorite quotes from Tom Robbins:

    "February is pitiless, and it is boring. That parade of red numerals on its page adds up to zero: birthday of politicians, a holiday reserved for rodents; what kind of celebrations are those? The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine's Day. It was no accident that our ancestors pinned Valentine's Day on February's shirt: he or she lucky enough to have a lover in frigid, antsy February has cause for celebration, indeed."


    In case you want to treat a loved one, a friend, a partner or yourself (absolutely no judgements here; it all counts as a celebration!) to help get through February's slow 28 days, we have some lovely presents for any budget.

    Firstly, the portable Marshall speakers above are *amazing*. Charge it for up to 20 hours of (really impressive) sound. Bluetooth enabled, or directly plug in your device. These guys were super popular during the holidays, and we just got them back in stock. A lovely companion for curling up on the couch and listening to your favorite albums or catching up on podcasts.

    jacobsen salt

    Love red wine? Love salt? Portland-based Jacobsen Salt Co. infuses fragrant Willamette Valley Pinot Noir with their Oregon flake salt. Wonderful finishing salt on pasta, steak, fish, roasted mushrooms, or anything you might enjoy with a glass of Pinot Noir. The addition of Jacobsen Salt to any dish simply makes it better - a small luxury that you probably deserve.


    We're also restocked with jewelry from Julia Turner, our latest jewelry crush from San Francisco. Beautiful colors and thoughtful materials are paired together to create light, visually striking work. Fair warning: Julia Turner jewelry can actually cause you to look forward to getting up and getting dressed in the morning, which, let's face it, can be a real struggle this time of year.


    And Herbivore Botanicals! Talk about a staff favorite. These products are a perfect addition to February. Moisturizing, soothing, cleansing, and lightly fragrant - all of their products are naturally luxurious. Made in Seattle, with all natural ingredients.

    Hope this helps!



  • January 2016 winter break!

    Thanks a million for such an amazing holiday season! We were completely overwhelmed with your generosity, support, and love - THANK YOU.

    Click anniversary

    We are taking an extended winter break this January to allow us all to see family, travel, and recuperate from such a beautifully busy season.

    Click! will be closed on the following dates in January:

    January 1, 2016
    January 4-22, 2016

    We'll be opening again on Saturday, January 23rd and returning to our regular schedule. Regarding gift exchanges, we'll honor any holiday exchanges through 2/12/2016.

    Wishing you love, light, and a fresh beginning to a brand new year. Thanks again for your support - we could not do this without you.

  • JOIN Pop-Up | Just a few days left!

    If you happen to follow us on Facebook, you may have come across our JOIN pop-up which began on Black Friday. We want to shoot out a reminder that this is the last week to grab some exclusive items, as we are wrapping things up this Sunday, December 13! Last minute Christmas shopping, anyone?

    In case you haven't heard, JOIN is a collective of acclaimed independent design studios from the PNW and beyond, with a sharp focus on intelligent design and thoughtful manufacturing. These curated studios join forces for events, pop-up shops, and trade shows, and we're honored to be featuring their work at Click!.

    The JOIN + Click! pop-up shop features the following artists:
    Caravan Pacific, mid-century inspired lighting - Portland, OR
    fruitsuper, home accessories - Seattle, WA
    Mimot Studio, totes and clutches - Long Beach, CA
    Nell and Mary, home goods - Portland, OR
    Piano Nobile, hand printed linens - Seattle, WA
    Pigeon Toe Ceramics, hand thrown porcelain - Portland, OR
    Sarah Loertscher, geometric jewelry - Seattle, WA


    We also want to thank you guys - we feel incredibly honored to showcase these small-scale designers' products in our store, and we are especially grateful that you all, as customers, share our love for local, handmade, modern designs. Small Business Saturday blew our minds and showed just how much you all care. Again, thank you.

    Don't miss out on this incredible event!

  • Shop Late Thursdays | Jacobsen Salt Co. Tasting


    We are totally in the spirit of the holidays here at the store! We hope you have begun to enjoy some tree-trimming, hot cocoa-sipping, gift wrapping, Christmas parties, and all of the fun festivities that this season brings! Speaking of those parties, we have the PERFECT gift for your amazing host, and we're even giving you a chance to try it out yourself.

    The Pacific Northwest is a playground for innovators, and Jacobsen Salt Co. takes full advantage of what our coastal region has to offer. Not only does Jacobsen Salt Co. pride themselves in their products being used by chefs and homecooks around the world, but they are also the first company to harvest salt in the PNW since Lewis & Clark. Infusing salts with flavors of lemon, vanilla bean, and even Stumptown Coffee, these little crystals are the perfect addition to any pantry.

    So here's the really fun part: On Thursday, December 17, we're inviting you to an exclusive in-store tasting of these amazing products during the Junction's Shop Late Thursday from 6-9pm - perfect for a post-happy hour treat! We'll be sampling a variety of Jacobsen Salt Co.'s infused salts, salted caramels, and delectable chocolates (which just so happen to also be infused with Pinot Noir from Oregon's wine country - oh yeah...), just in time for those last minute hostess gifts and stocking stuffers! So mark your calendars, and get your palate ready - you do not want to miss this!

  • Holiday hours and January 2016 schedule

    Uncle Goose Christmas blocks

    It's pretty hard to believe that we're already at the time where we share our holiday hours with y'all, but here we are! Starting this Thursday til the big 12/25, we'll be open late for your shopping convenience.

    Thursday, 12/10: 11-9p
    *Art Walk featuring Frances Smersh from 6-9p*
    Friday, 12/11: 11-7p
    Saturday - Sunday, 12/12-13: 10-6p
    Monday - Wednesday, 12/14-23: 10-8p
    *Thursday, 12/17 will be our Jacobsen Salt Tasting from 6-9p*
    Thursday, CHRISTMAS EVE 12/24: 10-5p
    Friday - Saturday, 12/25 & 12/26: We're closed!
    12/27-30: 10-7p
    12/31, New Years Eve: 10-4p
    1/1: closed
    Saturday - Sunday 1/2-3: 10-5p

    We are also going to take a little break in January - we'll be closed 1/4 - 1/21.

    See you soon!


  • THIS Sunday: Acoustic Music Benefit for Team Smersh

    First and foremost, we want to express our immense gratitude for all of you. You have blown us away with the sincerity of your warm, loving hugs and your incredible generosity. We honestly could not ask for a better community, and we are forever grateful for each and every one of you.

    We are still well on our way to meeting our goal for the Smershes, and we want to thank you for sharing their story. We haven’t even been fundraising for a whole month, but we’ve managed to reach almost half of our goal of $100k. Wow, you guys. Just…wow. Your selflessness is inspiring, to say the least.

    After hearing the news, longtime musician friends of John and Frances decided to join forces for a night of music, laughter, love, and community to help raise money for the Smershes. Each musician has played in some of Seattle’s most notable acoustic bands, and they’ll be showing off their incredible talents in some pretty unique ways. Combining the sounds of folk, swing, Americana, blues, old-time, and bluegrass, this night of celebration is sure to bring all the feels. We’d sure love it if you’d join us.

    Here are the deets:
    The concert will be kicking off at 6pm THIS Sunday (that means free street parking – right on!) at Karass Creative in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Tickets are $25/person, and as with our YouCaring fundraiser, proceeds will be going to Team Smersh to assist John and Frances with current and future medical expenses. Click here to purchase tickets and view location information.

    This exciting night of music will feature the sounds of the following artists:
    Grant Dermody: Harmonica, Vocals
    Forrest Gibson: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
    Michael Gray: Violin, Vocals
    Orville Johnson: Dobro, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
    Greg Maass: Dobro, Banjo, Vocals
    Mary Maass: Fiddle, Vocals
    Joe Wilmhoff: Bass, Vocals

    We just can’t say it enough – thank you ALL.

  • West Seattle Art Walk | Frances Smersh

    Thursday, November 12th, Click! co-owner and creative director Frances Smersh will be unveiling her latest collection of paintings at the West Seattle Art Walk. We are elated to have Frances' new work grace our walls for the next two months!


    Frances has a long-standing love of painting and drawing. Throughout her career as a jewelry designer, sketching was always at the forefront of the design process. Everything started on paper, and eventually made it's way into the materials she loved: sterling silver, stained concrete and cork, steel and powder coat. But around four years ago, Frances put down the jewelry tools completely and fully embraced the adventure of mark making.


    Painting has always been more of an exploration than a formally studied art for Frances - she would be the first to admit it. As an active member in the Pratt Fine Arts Center community, she would often find herself in various studios - painting, encaustics, drawing, jewelry, and blacksmithing. Inevitably she would would return to the two-dimensional, delving into varying materials and seeing how they intertwined on paper and wood.


    That exploration is beautifully composed in Frances' new collection. Acrylic, pencil, charcoal, and watercolor pencils blend together in delicately balanced work. Paint is applied to birch boards with brushes, paper towel, cloth, or bare hands - whatever feels right. An eraser is a vital tool, exposing previous layers and partially removing others, to build up a complex landscape of texture and line. The process is the image, and the image is the process. Each painting is a map of layers, of starts and stops and changed directions. They each tell the story of how they came to be.


    Come join Frances and the rest of the Click! crew on Thursday, November 12, from 6-9p. Come raise a glass to celebrate a beautiful collection and a wonderful lady!

  • Five Ply Design | Lighting Event + Giveaway

    Can we just take a quick second to recognize how INCREDIBLY talented our local artists are? Seriously, guys... PNWers are on another level when it comes to creativity. You may remember these unique laser-cut coasters and the urban BirdHomes hanging in our window. Both of these products are handmade by our neighbor and designer, Peter Benarcik, the creative powerhouse behind Five Ply Design.

    We have an affinity for functional art at Click!, so it's no surprise how flippin' excited we are to announce that Peter is launching a debut of his lighting line in our store on Saturday, November  7th, and we think it's some of his greatest work yet! We are suckers for pendant lights, as you know, and his new contemporary designs certainly don't fall short.

    All of Five Ply's home goods are handcrafted in their micro-studio in Seattle's International District with materials responsibly sourced in the USA. With Peter's background in architecture, you can trust that all of his pieces are carefully structured and built to last. Also, this is perfect timing for the rainy season - who couldn't use a little more light in their home or office this time of year?

    Peter will be hanging out with us all day on November 7, so stop by to meet him, learn more about his work, and pick up a new one-of-a-kind pendant light from his newest collection to cozy up your space just in time for winter. Also(!), we'll be doing a drawing for one of Five Ply's coaster sets, so you definitely don't want to miss out on this exclusive all-day event!

  • Trunk Show | Caravan Pacific (...plus a giveaway!)


    If you've been by Click! in the last year or so, there's a pretty solid chance you've had a discussion with one of us about those super fun mid-centuryesque lamps we've got placed around our store. We are unashamedly guilty of our obsession with Caravan Pacific and their bold, modern designs. With that being said, we are SO excited to announce that we are hosting our first Caravan Pacific Trunk Show, Saturday, October 24th, from 10-5! We are STOKED.

    Shannon Guirl

    Owner and designer, Shannon Guirl, and her talented team work together to carefully handcraft her classic modern-era designs. Caravan Pacific lamps are made from ceramic earthenware that is cast, glazed, and fired in her Portland, OR studio. The wood portions of the lamps are a collaboration with expert turners who understand the intricacies of different species of the hardwoods they work with - Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Red Oak and Mahogany. The lampshades are made in the USA with finely textured linen to give them a natural feel.


    Not only will Shannon be hauling more of her gorgeous lamps up to Seattle, but she'll also be showcasing her cutting boards, deca vases, and lucky horseshoes!


    And oh(!), guess what else? We're super excited to announce that Caravan Pacific will be offering a GIVEAWAY at the Trunk Show for one of the white matte deca vases (see below). Be sure to stop by and put your name in the drawing! Seriously...how can you not?

    deca vase

    So pop on over to Click! to meet Shannon and snag one of her designs on the 24th. We'll be hanging out all Saturday, and trust us - you do NOT want to miss out on this event! See you there!

  • Cheers to Eleven Years!

    We're so happy and grateful to share that this fall Click! is celebrating its 11th anniversary. ELEVEN! That's like, a fifth grade child. We're almost in junior high, you guys!

    Did you know that traditionally anniversary gifts were made of specific materials that relate to the anniversary being celebrated? That's where the silver and golden anniversaries come from. According to tradition, this is our steel anniversary. It seems fitting; steel is a strong material, but not unyielding, moving both to the forces of nature and of women and men. The celebration of eleven years in business has it's roots in both strength and flexibility.

    Detail shot of hammer forging hot iron at anvil

    We've learned a lot in eleven years. Our focus has shifted as the years have gone by, both defined by our changing interests and goals and what our community wants and needs. Our goal has been the same, though: In the words of Frances, co-founder and creative director: "We believe that everyday objects should be conscientiously made, functional, and should contribute beauty to daily life. The works we choose by select designers and artisans impress and inspire us in these ways." We seek out these thoughtful objects to share with our Seattle community.

    photo credit Jared Chandler

    Click! started out in a small house in the Admiral District, and has grown into a spacious location in the heart of the West Seattle Junction. This anniversary also marks five years in our current location. It's a significant water mark. Every year is new. We learn new lessons, sometimes relearning the ones we have forgotten. Trying new products and new ideas. Sometimes we nail it, sometimes we don't. But we keep showing up, we keep the doors open, and you come. Some of you have been showing up for the whole eleven years. Some of you are brand new. We are grateful to all of you. Thank you for showing up, and for believing in us, and choosing to shop local and support your community.

    We'd like to invite you to our anniversary party this Saturday, October 10th, from 5-8p. As a thank you, all in-stock items are 20% off (except for our featured artwork) during the party. We'll have champagne and snacks. Come share a drink, on us. Thanks for everything! CHEERS!


  • Seattle Made Week and Steel Toe Studios Event

    This week is Seattle Made Week. What, you ask, is Seattle Made? Well, a few (very good) people got together and said, Hey, Seattleites make amazing things. We make objects, we brew beer. We distill liquor, we make candles. We make jewelry and bird houses and belts and furniture and everything else in-between. Wouldn't it be great to collect all of our Seattle manufacturers in one place, offer support, and raise awareness of all this Seattle awesomeness? And Seattle Made was created.

    Seattle Made Week banner

    Seattle Made Week (September 19-26th) is the inaugural week of highlighting all these great Seattleites and the stores who support them.

    We love our local designers and makers, and carry many Seattle-based products. We specifically carry six Seattle Made manufacturers: Alchemy Goods, Big Dipper candles, Five Ply, Sarah Loertscher, Scrappy's Bitters, and last but not least, Steel Toe Studios.

    STS-power_hammer Erica Gordon in her Georgetown studio

    To celebrate this week, we invited Erica Gordon of Steel Toe Studios to Click! for a trunk show on Friday, September 25th, 6-9p. Erica, local blacksmith extraordinaire, will be bringing a collection of her forged buckles and handmade leather belts. She will be showcasing a limited offering of one-of-a-kind buckles from her Scale collection, as well as new leather belt color ways, like the "Undertow" belt below. She will also be sharing her full collection of stainless steel and brass jewelry, not typically carried at Click!. Come meet this amazing craftsperson and celebrate Seattle's makers.

    STS-oval_scale_undertow_totem One of a kind Scale buckle with Undertow belt

    During the event we will also be giving away a collection of goods from all of our Seattle Made makers both in store and online - follow along on Instagram to win if you aren't in Seattle!


    STS buckle Code buckle with raw leather belt



  • West Seattle Art Walk | Deanna Baldi

    We are thrilled to introduce our next featured artist for this month’s Art Walk! Seattle's own Deanna Baldi will be adding some serious beauty to our space with her botanical-inspired creations.

    Deanna uses some of the most interesting media to bring her floral subjects to life! She begins by drawing on birchwood in graphite, then etches her design with FIRE (say what?!), then finalizes her piece by painting with oils. Talk about a conversation piece to add to your home. These bright, vivid colors will bring so much life to your walls!

    Deanna credits one of her favorite childhood memories as a source of inspiration: picking flowers and leaving them on her neighbors’ doorsteps. Now she has found a way to share flowers – and her talents - with her neighbors (that's YOU!) that will last in your home for a lifetime!

    To see more of these amazing designs, come hang out with Deanna and all of us at Click! on Thursday, September 10 and Thursday, October 8th. We’ll be snacking, mingling, and admiring her beautiful collection from 6-9pm. These beauties will be available at Click! throughout September and October.

  • Click! Summer Fest Sale

    So, if you live in West Seattle, you know this weekend is Summer Fest. For the uninitiated, this is West Seattle's annual street fair, which takes over The Junction streets and fills them with vendors, bands, food trucks, beer gardens, balloons, rides, ice cream and anything else you might desire in high summer.

    Luckily, Click! is right in the thick of it, which means you have no reason not to stop by. We're going to be running a few great sales throughout the weekend, which you will *probably* want to know about.

    Monster Blocks

    Firstly, we'll have our annual sidewalk sale going strong at 10am sharp. Expect steep discounts on past products and less-than-perfect items that are looking for their forever homes. Pro tip: get here early for best selection - those in the know come early and score big. Grab some cash from the ATM and sharpen those elbows - you might need them!


    Secondly, we'll be running a great sale inside our (air conditioned) store as well. 30-50% off in-stock items, ranging from placemats to ceramics. Let the blue and yellow tags be your guide - they will lead you to the best deals! Highlights include: select Jonathan Adler ceramics, Govino glasses, and all kids goods.

    DIY Gin Kit

    The other (non-sale) thing you should know about is that we are fully stocked with gorgeous new Hobo bags, Fatboy hammocks, Salv.Co amplifiers, and other Click! favorites.

    Hobo Sheila Bag




  • West Seattle Artwalk | Hannah Viano

    Click! is happy to welcome back Hannah Viano as our featured artist for July and August. Hannah, a incredibly multi-faceted lady, has been a sailor, fisherwoman, outdoor educator, and circus performer, but you might remember Hannah as the author and artist of "S is for Salmon," one of our best selling children's books at Click!. We have also been lucky enough to show her graceful, nature-inspired black and white papercuts in the past, which some of you may have hanging in your home as you read this.

    Arrow to Alaska

    And onto the new! Hannah has a new book out called Arrow to Alaska, which is cause for celebration if we've ever heard of one. We will be hosting a book signing and artist reception Thursday, July 7th, from 6-9pm for the West Seattle Artwalk. Hannah will be signing copies of Arrow to Alaska,which is a sweet adventure story about a boy named Arrow and his journey from Seattle to Alaska.


    Hannah will be bringing the original papercuts from the book, which are the one of a kind artworks used to create the imagery throughout Arrow to Alaska. These special pieces will be available at Click! through the end of August.

    We're also excited to share that Hannah will be demonstrating how she skillfully cuts her iconic drawings from paper during the reception! So buy a book to sign, clear off a wall for some new artwork, and be prepared to be impressed with Hannah's mad razor blade skills.

    It should also be mentioned that Summer Fest is on the horizon, the annual West Seattle street fair that takes over California Ave SW every July. The Summer Fest pre-party starts on Thursday night, as do our Summer Fest sales. We'll have deep discounts on some of our favorite products, so get here early to snag a deal, and have a drink to celebrate your savings in the street.


  • Independence Day Schedule


    • Friday July 3 regular hours 10am – 7pm
    • Saturday July 4 CLOSED
    • Sunday July 5 regular hours 10am – 5pm

    Enjoy the holiday from the comfort of your very own Fatboy hammock!


  • Summer Hours

    Until further notice, we'll be opening an hour earlier in the morning:

    Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm

    Saturday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm

    See you bright and early at the crack of 10am!

  • Beets in the street!

    Beginning Sunday, June 14, the West Seattle Farmer's Market is making a permanent move to California Avenue. This means that the block in front of Click! will now be closed to vehicle traffic and open to fresh produce every Sunday! Note that the parking lot that used to host the market is open for free three hour parking.

    To celebrate, we're introducing Market Beet Bargains: look around the store for our happy helpful beet illustrations which will indicate what is on sale during the Farmer's Market that day. The specials will rotate every week and are only during market hours (10am to 2pm Sundays).

    Seattle Farmers Market

    Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we will be posting our weekly specials as they happen!

  • Define Your Space | Tabletops

    Looking for more ways to simplify and modernize your space? Let’s take a look at those tabletops. Maybe that naked dining table needs some added flair, or your cluttered desk needs a little bit of stylish organization. Thankfully, we’ve got some ideas to spruce up your surfaces to add freshness, increase the aesthetic appeal, and will leave you feeling a bit more comforted that you drove 50 miles for that credenza you found on Craigslist.

    Adding a runner and some placemats to any surface will elevate your tabletops and positively enhance your interiors and dining experience. We love these eco-friendly, germ-free mats and their unique patterns and designs.

    We know it's hard to keep your nightstand or the top of your dresser clear of life's everyday messes. This insanely gorgeous collection of stackable Japanese pottery from Saikai Toki is one of the most versatile and functional pieces of tableware we've ever laid eyes on. We like the idea of using these stacking bowls to store valuables...or even to hide those beautiful phone chargers.

    We are especially in love with this tea and sugar set. What an ideal way to keep your tea time clean and organized!

    Looking to add a bit of rugged charm to your tabletops? (Hint: Father's Day is right around the corner!) Pop in the store to see more of these handmade iron clocks from Blackthorne Forge. Steven is an old friend of ours, and we love how his designs strive to blend the primitive charm of ironwork with the energy and interest of more contemporary design.

    For more ideas on how to groom your tabletops, come visit us in the West Seattle Junction!

  • West Seattle Artwalk | Cheryl Robinson Art

    We are thrilled to be hosting West Seattle’s own Cheryl Robinson as she showcases her charmingly beautiful paintings and ceramics for the upcoming West Seattle Artwalk.

    Cheryl Robinson is the definition of a true creative. She continually utilizes mediums that capture her artistic craftsmanship while keeping her technique genuine and fresh! With a passion for penmanship, a Fine Arts degree with a focus on ceramics, and an unbelievable talent for painting (just to name a few), Cheryl truly embraces artistic diversity. Luckily, we get to see a combination of her talents in her collection for this month’s Artwalk!

    Having close ties to the restaurant industry, Cheryl designed her ceramics with a food-focused aesthetic, making them a lovely addition to your kitchen space. Looking for the perfect gift for the foodie or aspiring top chef in your life? These nesting bowls are truly unique and would be great for function and display. True beauty combined with versatility - it doesn't get better than that.

    Cheryl’s beloved furry and feathered friends will also be joining us on Thursday, and we just can’t get enough of this half of her collection. Her unique display of wallpapers provide the perfect backdrop for these beautiful creatures!

    Don’t miss the opportunity to mingle with Cheryl, find out what inspires her work, and snag some one-of-a-kind designs at Click! Design That Fits on Thursday, May 14 from 6-9pm.

    Other ways to connect with Cheryl Robinson Art:

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/CherylRobinsonArt
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/cherylrobinsonart

  • Celebrating the Modern Mom

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we don’t believe in messing around when it comes to choosing gifts for your favorite lady. Sure – we know all hard working moms love flowers and brunch, but this year treat your mom – or your baby's mama – to something that will last.

    Moms - sometimes dad and the kids need all the help they can get. There's no shame in dropping a few hints from this list!

    The heyday of the Hobo is still very much alive, and we are over the moon for their new summer line of handbags and wallets. The colors are absolutely perfect for the season, and these jewel tones will transition well into the latter part of the year.

    With an available compartment on every inch of these wallets, your mom will have no problem staying organized. Every woman dreams of having all of her essentials consolidated, and these bags and wallets are here to the rescue. Fashionable functionality for the win.

    Looking for the perfect gift to pair with that handbag or wallet? A little minimalism goes a long way. These earrings and pendant necklaces from Konzuk are simply perfect for the modern mom.

    Made of concrete and stainless steel, this architecturally inspired jewelry line is sure to please the modern-day mother. Seriously though – how chic are these earrings?

    We have tons of other jewelry options in store and online to choose from, including collections by Frances Smersh and Sarah Loertscher. To browse our full line of Hobo bags and for other Mother’s Day gift ideas, come visit us in the Junction!

  • Define Your Space | Rugs

    It’s that time of year again – Spring cleaning! If you’re anything like us, this season also puts us in the mood for a makeover. What better way to make a simple, refreshing transformation to your space than to add a rug to your forgotten floors? We are supremely smitten with Chilewich’s line of area rugs, and we're pretty sure you will be, too. Here are just a few of our favorite features of these innovative floor coverings:

    1) Durability. Oh yeah, these suckers last. We carry indoor rugs as well as indoor/outdoor rugs. Let’s face the facts – we live in Seattle. It rains. A lot. We need sturdy, long-lasting, sustainable floor coverings – something to wipe our boots on that we won’t have to throw out in two months, something that doesn’t need to be thrown in the washing machine or steam cleaned each week, something that can withstand the weather…like us.

    2) Style. With a wide selection of sizes and patterns, you'll have no problem finding a rug to complement your space. From modern and chic, to classic and cute, it's impossible for these rugs to go out of style. Choose from our colorful variety of basketweave, mini basketweave, bamboo, and striped patterns. The versatility of this brand allows you to be unique and creative in defining your space. Live in a small space? Try separating "rooms" with a runner. Use an area rug to define a corner as a reading nook or office space. With a selection of rugs that can be used outdoors, don't forget to spruce up your patio or balcony! The possibilities are endless.

    3) They’re friendly. No, they won’t smile at you or anything. They’re green friendly – which, if you’re a true Northwesterner, that should make YOU smile! The makers of these rugs are taking a huge step in environmental development by replacing common, potentially hazardous materials with renewable vegetable compounds and other natural, sustainable resources. And – major plus – they’re made right here in the USA. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

    For tips on how to define your space with rugs, and to see and feel the amazing quality of these original designs, come visit us in the Junction!

    Available sizes:
    Indoor - 23"x36", 35"x48", 46"x72", 55"x72", 71"x95", 72"x106.5"
    Indoor Runners - 26"x72", 30"x106"
    Indoor/Outdoor - 18"x28", 24"x36", 36"x60", 24"x72", 24" (round)

    Style tip: We've reminded you about your floors, but don't forget about your ceiling!

    Looking to do a floor to ceiling makeover - literally? How about we finally replace those boob lights from the early nineties with something a little more tasteful! These urban-chic pendant lamps are a modern and stylish complement to our Chilewich rugs, and great news – they’re on sale right now for 50% off! Available in white and chrome.

  • January Sale

    It's January 2015, and it's time for a sale! Now through 25th come grab 30-50% off some of these goodies (while they last):

    All Highway bags 30% off

    Highway handbag sale

    All Alchemy Goods 30-50% off

    Alchemy Goods Messenger bag bike sale

    Lighting by Roost and Leitmotiv 50% off

    Pendant Lighting Seattle sale

    Kids' melamine place sets 30% off

    Thomas Paul kids melamine sale fish

    Pillows 30% off

    Nell and Mary pillows sale

    Govino 30% off

    Govino Glasses sale

    And lots more! Sale prices are good in-store only, limited to stock on hand, and while supplies last.

  • 10 years of Design That Fits

    Click! Anniversary Party

    Over ten years ago, Click! co-owner Frances Smersh was designing and making jewelry: clean, modern designs with color and form and some unusual materials. With her husband John (myself), she exhibited her designs at wholesale trade shows, marketing to shops and galleries nationwide. We met so many amazing designers and saw so many wonderful products that we'd never seen offered in our neighborhood. We both wondered: "what would happen if we brought this to West Seattle?".

    So we did something about it. We opened Click! Design That Fits.

    With a lot of help from our friends, we transformed a former hair salon into a space packed with stylish accessories (Frances's jewelry as the centerpiece), modern furniture, and gifts for the home and tabletop by local artists and international designers alike.

    Six years later, we packed it up and moved 1.5 miles south, to the heart of the West Seattle Junction. The larger space and central location have allowed us to expand our offerings and reach a larger audience.

    We have so many people to thank, most of all you, our customers: the best people anyone in retail could ask for. We've received so much support over the years from people who "get" what we're doing and love it, tell their friends, then come back for more.


    Friday night, October 3, from 5 to 9pm, we're having a little party with snacks and beverages and special discounts. There will be a no-purchase-necessary drawing for a Fatboy® bean bag chair. Drop by to see what's new and share your memories of the last ten years with us! We'll continue to have sale pricing throughout the weekend if you can't make it on Friday.

    Stay up-to-the-minute on our event planning by hanging out with us on the social medias. We're @clickdesign pretty much everywhere. And again, THANK YOU.

  • Meet the Makers: Shelli Markee and re-Ply Furniture

    Thursday night September 11 we will host two makers from very different disciplines. Shelli Markee, the artist whose wire birds soar up the walls at Click!, will flesh out the space with more flora and fauna sculptures in wire. Steve Lawler, a Tacoma woodworker whose reclaimed furniture line is one of the newest additions to the Click! showroom floor, will also be on hand to talk about his solid goods.

    photo 2_2


    Shelli's wire works are three-dimensional line drawings, capturing the essence of their subject without color or shading. They are instantly recognizable despite their minimalism. The inspiration she finds in the natural world is comes through in the familiarity of her creations.

    Joining Shelli at Click! will be Steve Lawler of rePly Furniture. Steve uses remnant pieces from cabinet shops, layered and pressed to create modern, beautiful, and comfortable chairs, benches, and tables. Steve will be on hand to talk about his process and inspiration, and will be bringing more pieces than we normally have stocked. "Making plywood beautiful", indeed!


  • re-Ply furniture

    We love modern design, but we don't love wasteful fabrication... which is why we are over the moon for this new line from Tacoma artist Steve Lawler, a former cabinet maker who now uses remnant scraps from cabinet shops to create insanely gorgeous modern furniture:

    e-Ply_chair2 rePly_stool2openend_hp2Yes that chair is very comfortable and yes that stool is available as a bench and yes that end table is available as a coffee table. And yes, they would look fabulous in your home. (chair: $670, stool $462, open end table $888)

  • Dim all the lights, and turn up the old Victrola

    Watching new product releases as we do, we've noticed a lot of "passive amplifiers" which connect to your phone and supposedly amplify the sound without power. You may notice that you've never seen any of them at Click!. That's because most of them look like disposable junk and sound worse.

    But recently something's been happening right under our noses in West Seattle.

    A local guy named Fritz Rud, operating under the moniker of Salv.co, had great realization: that people were amplifying sound without electricity years ago,  and they made it look good. Now look at what he's done:

    Victrola iphone amp


    He's made CUSTOM iPHONE AMPLIFIERS designed to passively enhance a phone’s speaker, no electricity required. They create a warm, vintage sound, typical of the materials used from the Edison era. While more art than utility, each amplifier is a one-of-a-kind conversation piece that is both functional and beautiful.

    Fritz and his iPhone amps will make their worldwide debut at Click! Design That Fits Thursday June 12 during the West Seattle Art Walk, from 6 to 9pm. Come early, as you're probably not the only person thinking these would make a great Father's Day gift.

    All pieces are one-of-a-kind.

  • Book signing: Hannah Viano's S is for Salmon





    Thursday May 8 we will host a book signing event for Hannah Viano, whose beautiful S is for Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet is now available.

    S is for Salmon, A is for Anemone


    Hannah's art has been featured at Click before; you may remember her amazing pieces, delicately cut from paper. She'll be here for art walk from 6 to 9pm, signing books and showing the original paper-cuts that became the pages of the book.

    F is for Fern, G is for GullHer new book is a feast of stunning imagery. Children and adults will appreciate the unusual alphabet pairings, tuned to aquatic themes of the Pacific Northwest.



    Seattle Salmon

    "Hannah Viano has been a sailor, fisherwoman, outdoor educator, circus performer, and a small town postmistress. She is an artist based in Seattle."

  • Karen Konzuk & her ground breaking jewelry

    We're really lucky that Karen likes visiting Seattle. We get to see what's fresh off her jeweler's bench! Check this bi-metal ring. Steel outside, a peek of gold from the inside and so much room for light to shine thru that diamond!...careful it's blinding - in a very good way.KMR171dg_a-600

    Karen is also bringing earrings, necklaces and bracelets from a several collections that haven't been shown at Click! before.kmp195-600-1


    So put Saturday May 3rd from 11am to 5pm on your calendar and come to Click! and lay your eyes on ground breaking contemporary jewelry design by Karen Konzuk.

  • Double down with 2 Megan Auman events!

    Click! has imported Megan Auman - one of our favorite artists -  to Seattle from Philly for a double event extravaganza!

    Megan Auman

    Thursday March 13th 6pm to 9pm • West Seattle Art Walk with Megan Auman: During Art Walk, Megan will show her original acrylic paintings, vibrant scarves, and luscious pillows.

    Friday March 14th 7pm to 8:30pm •  The intersection of creativity and business." Along with being an amazing designer and maker Megan is an educator and entrepreneur focused on helping creative people succeed in their businesses. Through her website, Designing an MBA, she shares business thinking for fellow artists, designers, and creatives. In her talk, Megan will discuss the intersection of creativity and business, what it takes to develop successful business models for the artistically minded, and why profit is essential to creative businesses.

    Please register for this free event so that we can arrange for seating. No need to register for Art Walk, just show up and start walking!

    UPDATE 3/10/14: The Friday lecture and Q&A is now SOLD OUT.

  • Lisa Hasegawa, intentional art.

    simplicity, focus, repetition - all apt words to describe Lisa Hasegawa's intentional art making. In her own words "...the process of art-making is as important as the finished piece itself." Holes are punched into sheets of paper that she has been collecting for years. Thread is sewn and the holes are burnished closed at the end of the sewing process. Truly a meditation in art.

    Click! welcomes Lisa Hasegawa to the West Seattle Artwalk Thursday February 13th from 6 to 9pm.


    untitled d

  • Steel Toe Jewelry

    This Thursday's Art Walk captures two artists in the midst of their evolutions: jeweler Frances Smersh is painting, and blacksmith Erica Gordon is making jewelry.

    You know Erica Gordon from her belt buckles: forged, welded, and fabricated in her Georgetown studio. She's taken her same bold aesthetic and scaled it down to jewelry: wearable, sexy, and strong.



    Our own Frances Smersh continues to explore shapes and forms, not in metal but acrylic and mixed media. Think of it as jewelry for your walls.

    Cast of Characters

    Don't worry, we'll still have plenty of Frances's jewelry and Erica's belt buckles!

    West Seattle Art Walk is every second Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. View the walking map here.

  • A Hobo Holiday

    One of the most exciting lines we've added this year is Hobo, a brand known for their beautiful and well constructed handbags and wallets.

    This Thursday, December 5 from 6 to 9pm, a local Hobo rep will be joining us for a special holiday event. There will be samples on hand from a much wider range of the Hobo line than we usually carry, and special orders will be shipped the next day.

    Hobo Seattle Sale

    There will be free Hobo gifts with purchase while they last:

    Hobo Wallet Special

  • Everything Fatboy 20% Off Holiday Incentive

    Now through December 7, Fatboy USA is giving us —and you— a special gift: the "Everything Fatboy 20% Off Holiday Incentive" in which, well, everything Fatboy is 20% off!

    Fatboy Bean Bag Chair Seattle


    That means everything, including our three most popular styles:

    • The Original: regularly $199, now $159.20
    • The Original Stonewashed: regularly $249, now $199.20 (soft, removable cover)
    • The Original Outdoor: regularly $329, now $263.20 (soft, removable, Sunbrella®-coated cover)

    Fatboy outdoor bean bag Seattle

    All of the rest of the Fatboy line is 20% off too: the "Point" ottomans, the Merimekko prints, even the giant hammock!

    This event was just announced, and only lasts through December 7. Some styles are shown on our website, but to order please call 206-328-9252 or visit the store to see fabric sample of the many colors.

    Logo Fatboy bean bag seattle

  • New jewelry, trunk show, SALE!

    Sarah Loertscher has been ripping up the jewelry and fashion world with her daring, geometric forms: supersized, can't-miss pieces and subtle, wear-it-everyday faceted metals. This Saturday, Thanksgiving weekend, Sarah will be introducing two new lines -- Ridgeline and Parallels -- during a special event at Click!. Our entire collection of Sarah Loertscher Jewelry will be discounted 20% for Saturday only.

    Ridgeline is Sarah's exploration of the simpler side of jewelry: bold and modern, yet simple and easy to live in. Check out the "plateau" on these rings:

    Architectural Rings

    With the Parallels collection, Sarah takes the outline of a form and repeats it. The result is jewelry that moves and changes as you wear it.

    Geometric Necklace

    Click! will be open 10am to 5pm for Small Business Saturday and Sarah Loertscher Trunk Show!

  • Meet the Designer: Gwen Weinberg of Three by Three Seattle

    We occasionally joke that to sell your products at Click!, you need to have known the owners for at least ten years. While that is of course not true, we have had personal relationships with many of our vendors for a long time, and Gwen is one of those: she and Frances shared their formative years as craft designers at the Fremont Sunday Market in the early '90s.

    Three by Three Gwen

    Today, Gwen designs modern solutions to modern organizational needs. Three by Three Seattle's many products include Magnetic and Dry-Erase items that store keys and phones, sort mail, and calendar your to-do lists all with a clean, contemporary look.

    Three by Three sale

    Thursday November 21, Gwen will join us from 6-9pm as part of Shop Late Thursdays in the West Seattle Junction. There will be magnet give-aways for the first 20 people after 6pm, and our entire collection of Three by Three will be on sale: 20% off for the entire evening. There will also be new items that we haven't carried before including chalk versions of some of their most popular items.

    A selection of Three by Three's products are available on our website as well.

  • Ringing in the season with Konzuk rings!

    Karen Konzuk is making her way down from Canada with a sleigh full of new ring designs and a collection of her minimal necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. Meet the designer of our best selling line of unique wedding bands and see an extended selection of amazing designs.

    Konzuk Jewelry Seattle

    Konzuk is famous for her concrete and stainless steel jewelry. Even more stunning are her tension-set conflict-free Canadian diamond rings. Both make a statement: this is not your grandmother's wedding ring!


    Saturday November 16th is the day, 11am to 5pm is the time. Snacks and bevs will be part of the festivities. A limited number of appointments are available if you'd like to discuss custom options with the artist.

    concrete jewelry steel ring

    Tension Set Diamond Ring Seattle

  • Frances Smersh, from concrete to abstract

    Click! co-proprietress Frances Smersh's jewelry has been the centerpiece of our shop since we first opened in 2004. Recently she's been focusing her creative energy in another medium: painting.

    Frances Smersh Lofting

    Drawing inspiration from a trip to the Utah desert last year, Frances has developed themes evocative of water, life forms, and geometric structures in a style all her own. She paints simple lines and shapes washed with colors that warm and soften the feel of the pieces.

    Frances Smersh Space Travel 2


    Trajectory, the first collection of Frances's new work, will be at Click! beginning with an opening reception on West Seattle Art Walk: 6-9pm November 14, 2013. It will remain through the end of the year.

  • Trubridge lighting sale

    Save 15% on all lighting by David Trubridge. Sale ends October 31, 2013.

    Trubridge Lighting Seattle

    One of the most stunning features in our front window right now is the fantastic lighting from New Zealand designer David Trubridge. The Trubridge ethic is one of design that fits with and is inspired by the natural world, and it comes through in these stunning pendant lamps.

    David Trubridge Pendant Light Sale

    Individual designs are not listed on our website currently, but sale prices are good in-store and for phone orders through October 31, 2013. The lamps arrive as a flat-pack and are fun and easy to assemble (or we can do it for you for a small fee).

    Trubridge bamboo light sale


    Each lamp can be ordered in a wide variety of color and size options. Ask to see our color swatches to find the one that suits the mood of your home!


  • Ann Duffy at Click! for Artwalk October 10th

    Don't miss the opportunity to meet Ann Duffy at Click! this coming Thursday at the West Seattle Artwalk. She'll be mixing, mingling and conversing about her latest urban light landscapes.


    She likes to say that she paints light. You'll agree when you stand in front of these pieces.

    Georgetown S

    BONUS! She's adding a several new pieces for October so if you joined us in September you have more to see.

    West Seattle Art Walk is every second Thursday from 6 to 9pm.

  • Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites

    Thursday September 12 will be a crazy fun night as we celebrate West Seattle photographer Christopher Boffoli's new book with a signing and release party.

    Boffoli will be in store signing "Big Appetites: Tiny People in a World of Big Food". We've carried greeting cards with his bizarre images of people interacting with giant food accompanied by hilarious captions; this is the first published collection of his work. Meet the man behind the miniature people and their phantasmagorical landscapes.


    Segueing nicely from the surreal to stunning realism, Ann Duffy's superb realist paintings are also debuting on Art Walk night where they'll remain at Click! for September and October. You'll recognize many local scenes in the collection including a sweet portrait of Click! We are very honored.

    Ferry Commute West Seattle Art Walk is every second Thursday from 6 to 9pm.

  • Rachel Austin at Summer Fest pre-party

    July 12-14 is the West Seattle Summer Fest street fair. The night before is West Seattle Art Walk, which will be extra fun with the streets closing at 6pm for a head start on the weekend complete with music, sales, and fun up and down the strip.

    We're bringing back one of our most popular artists for the occasion: the amazing Rachel Austin. Rachel's sweet map-based paintings are familiar to almost everyone who's been to Click!, and she has a new batch of lovelies that explore new themes she's been working with.

    Seattle Map Painting, California Poppies


    Rachel will be on hand to visit and chat about her work. She also welcomes custom requests... maybe you'd like a map painting that includes a place special to you.

    Art Walk is Thursday, July 11, from 6 to 9pm. Speaking of maps, here's an Art Walk walking map for you to plan your evening!

    Port Orchard Map Painting, trailer art


    Join our Facebook event here.

  • Alchemy Goods Sale

    Seattle's own Alchemy Goods is one of our favorite companies, and for all the right reasons: they make smart, well designed, handmade products that are great to live with (almost everyone at Click! has at least one of their goods) and equally fantastic to gift (they are priced right and everyone wants them). And now through Father's Day (June 16, 2013) they're on sale for 20% off!

    Alchemy Goods Pine Messenger Bag

    Surely you know a groovy graduate or a rad dad who'd love a new wallet, iPad case, handbag, dopp kit, belt... there's something in our collection of Alchemy Goods for almost everyone.

    Alternative Dopp KitBicycle Pouch Pencil Holder

    Alchemy's products are upcycled from used bicycle inner tubes and other non-traditional materials that get a second life as personal accessories. Founder Eli Reich has gone from making himself a messenger bag from old bike tubes in his garage to building a small business that employs over a dozen people right here in our community using materials that would otherwise be filling our landfills.

    The discount is taken at the register for in-store purchases. If you're shopping online, use discount code UPCYCLE (good through June 16, 2013). Be sure to like us on Facebook or sign up for our email newsletter where you'll hear about our sales and events first!

    We carry the full line of Alchemy Goods in store. To view the items that are available for online purchase, please click here.

    Bicycle Handbag

  • Amy Huber: Organically Controlled

    Thursday, May 9 from 6-9pm we welcome Amy Huber for an opening reception on West Seattle Art Walk. Amy has two collections of new work, both very intriguing conceptually while also accessible and affordable.

    The bulk of this show, Organically Controlled, focuses on a series of diptychs Amy created with ink and paper as a sketchbook experiment. Each original illustration seeped ink through to the paper behind it, which became the start of the second drawing. The relationship is apparent but not obvious:

    Mason Jar Art


    Amy is also bringing a delightful collection of small "stress paintings". These pieces originated from the forms Amy would sketch while working (as a graphic designer at Nordstrom). The patterns proved strong enough for Amy to paint them on canvases and other media. Her strong design sense comes through in these bold, beautiful works.

    Green Stress Painting  Chartreuse Painting


    ArtWalk is second Thursday from 6 to 9pm. See the walking map here.

  • Seriously solid Jewelry

    what  •  the introduction of Click!'s comprehensive collection of Konzuk engagement rings and wedding bands  •  the launch of Orbis, Karen Konzuk's new line of concrete and gold jewelry  •  the opportunity to meet the artist!

    when  •  Saturday May 4th, 11am to 5pm (RSVP on our Facebook event page)

    why  •  because this is Design That Fits


    Although we have retired our own line of concrete jewelry, we do have a soft spot for the material. It therefore makes us extremely happy to be hosting the launch of Karen Konzuk's Orbis collection.



    Combining steel, cast concrete orbs in incrementally varying greys, and forged spheres of bright gold, Karen has created an absolutely stunning collection of work.

    Come by to meet Karen and have a sip of bubbly with us. If you're in the market for a unique piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime... you can have your rings sized by the artist!


  • Click! is engaging in the world of wedding rings.

    Save the Date for a day long Launch Event at Click! with Canadian jewelry designer Karen Konzuk.

    Along with her current collection of steel, silver, platinum, diamond and concrete wedding jewels, Karen will be in store doing an exclusive debut of her new gold and concrete collection. Check out her thoughts on why concrete is such a meaningful material in commitment jewelry and mark your calendar for May 4, 11 to 5pm at Click!


    If you aren't able to make it to the launch, stop in during Click! hours and we'll give you a tour of her fabulous work.


  • Sarah Loertscher Metalpoint

    Have you ever seen Metalpoint drawing? It's an ancient and mesmerizing technique that our own Sarah Loertscher has been working with since her Core Fellowship days at Penland School of Craft in North Carolina.


    Sarah will be at Click! for Art Walk this Thursday. Stop by for a tour of these amazing drawings rendered with metal. Her jewelry case will certainly be well displayed for the occasion if you prefer to adorn yourself rather than your walls. And don't forget to ask her about her further adventures in the world of fashion. She has 2 runway shows under her belt after recently adorning Angel Sanchez's Fall collection during NY Fashion Week with her big, bold, geometrical jewelry creations.

    We'll have snax and bevs and of course you know that many of the Junction restaurants have great happy hour deals both before and after Art Walk -  so stick around!

  • Look what Shelli Markee is bringing to Click!

    You've likely seen her graceful wire birds sailing through the upper altitudes at Click! As our featured artist in January and February, she has turned her gaze homeward. Using her favorite medium, steel wire, she has created drawings of furniture...

    chair and lamp #3   4w x 6h"  $150

    ...and constructed one of a kind wire lighting dubbed the Circus Collection. We just installed the show and it is well worth a trip out in the cold for the West Seattle Artwalk tomorrow. Shelli will be in attendance and we'll have snacks and sips to welcome you.


  • January Sale at Click!

    Starting this Thursday night January 10th at Art Walk, we're kicking off our biggest January sale (of ever!) on all in-stock items. Check it out:
    • Everything in the store 20% off
    • Jonathan Adler 30% off (his products, not Jonathan himself)
    • Kitchen and tableware by Sagaform and JosephJoseph 30% off
    • All t-shirts 30% off
    • Solair chairs originally $145, now $65 while they last

    Jonathan Adler Sale A whale of a sale: 30% off Jonathan Adler.

    Thanks to everyone who shopped at Click! during our fabulous holiday season! We hope that the gifts you gave were well received and loved.

    Small print: no returns or exchanges on sale items, sale pricing on in-stock items only (no special orders). Listed discounts are for in-store purchases only, for web purchases use discount code JAN2013 to receive 20% off all in-stock items. NO DISCOUNT on consigned artwork (sorry). Sale ends Sunday, January 20, 2013.

  • 2012 Holiday Vacation

    Firstly, THANK YOU for all the love this season!  We are so happy to have been a part of so many of your holiday celebrations this year.  Thank you!

    We are now going to go hibernate a little bit with a fire and our friend Squirrel.  We'll be closed December 25-27th, and will be back at it on the 28th at 11a.  Have yourself a merry little Christmas!



  • Holiday Wrap-Up: Shop Late Thursday 12/20

    We're celebrating our last Shop Late Thursday on December 20th.  Many of the Junction's merchants will be open until 9pm, so grab dinner and a cocktail and then tackle the rest of your Christmas list!

    The famous Kim O'Donnel will be in the house, sharing some goodies from her newest cook book, Meatless Celebrations.  She'll be here from 6-9pm, signing books and dishing her favorite treats.

    We'll also have a couple of sweet deals running exclusively from 6-9p on Thursday:

    • 50% off any holiday-themed item

    • 20% off everything in the store

    See you Thursday!

  • Gift Guide: Kids!


    Lovely gifts for the little ones in your life.

    Clockwise from upper left:

    Owl Bank by Jonathan Adler $78

    Porcelain Night Lights by Jonathan Adler $48

    Elephant Bank by Jonathan Adler $78

    Coloring Mats by Modern Twist $18

    "Point" Ottomans by Fatboy $89

    Classic ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose $42

    Felted Owl by Woolbuddy $21

    "Press Here" (best kids' book ever!) by Hervé Tullet $16

  • 2012 Holiday Hours!


    We're opening early and closing late from now until December 25th, so come visit and bring us coffee! :)

    • Wednesday 12/19 10a-8p

    • Thursday 12/20 10a-9p (Last Shop Late Thursday of the year!)

    • Friday 12/21 10a-8p

    • Saturday 12/22 10a-8p *updated 12/22!*

    • Sunday 12/23 10a-6p

    • Monday 12/24 10a-5p (Christmas Eve!)

    Please note! Click! will be closed from 12/25-12/27 for our Christmas vacation.

  • Gift Guide - $15 and under, part 2


    $15 and under!  And some awesome gifts for guys...

    Old Man Drinks $14.95

    Govino's shatterproof, recyclable glasses (set of 4) $15

    Night Out Wallet by Alchemy Goods $15

    Cuppow! - turn your mason jar into a to-go cup $10

    Owl Mug $15

    Smartphone holder by Revo $14


  • Fatboy deadline for holiday arrival is Thursday, December 13th!


    Fatboys are awesome.  Awesome things make great gifts.  And while Fatboy's turnaround time is impressive, even they have a limit.  SO!  If you want a Fatboy under your tree Christmas morning, make sure to order those bad boys by THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13th to arrive by December 24th.



    Check out our website for Fatboy bean bag chair details, visit us at the store to see our most current swatches, and/or give us a call at 206-328-9252 if you already know what you (or your loved one) wants.

  • Lulu Smith + Sarah Loertscher Jewelry Trunk Show, December 13th



    Get ready!  We're bringing you one helluva jewelry trunk show. Two West Seattle jewelers, Sarah Loertscher + Lulu Smith, will be joining forces to bring you a fantastically awesome jewelry trunk show.



    Lulu’s sterling silver jewelry (pictured above) is based on clean, modern lines with punches of hand pigmented resin inlay.



    Countering Lulu's jewelry, Sarah's work is obsessively geometric and linear.  These long-time friends will be bringing collections of their best work, and will have your holiday jewelry needs covered.  (ps:  It’s also Sarah’s birthday!)



    Join us from 6-9p, and for all the updates, join the party on Facebook.

  • Gift Guide: Silver Holiday

    Silver bells! and bows, and foxes, and handbags, and jewelry...

    Artecnica Surprise Surprise lighting $156

    Silver fox by Jonathan Adler $178

    Nile bag in Platinum by Highway $188

    Long Single Fold earrings by Sarah Loertscher $88

    Poppi ring in Hematite $68

  • Gift Guide: $15 and under, part 1

    Lovely gifts for stockings, friends, party favors, gift exchanges and more. $15 and under!

    Flask Funnel from Izola $8

    Govino's shatterproof, recyclable glasses (set of 4) $15

    Flip and Tumble reusable shopping bag $12

    Sagaform Keep dishes $9 and $12

    Cheese boards from JK Adams $14

    Deluxe Foods local jam $15

    Deluxe Foods local syrups $12

  • Steel Toe Studios trunk show, December 6th!


    We’re excited to announce that local blacksmith Erica Gordon will be joining us for a trunk show the first Thursday in December, where she’ll be showcasing a large collection of her latest and greatest belt buckles and belts.  Erica’s goods range from the simple to the show-stopping, and this event will be a great time to chat up the artist and pick out a holiday gift for your favorite guy or gal.


    Bonus: Click! and Steel Toe Studios are donating 10% of the evening's sales to the Friends of the Animals Foundation. We're located right across the street from Next to Nature, where many FAF cats are adopted, so it's an extra special night for us.

    We'll be kicking off the show at 6, and like many shops in the Junction, we'll be open 'til 9.

    For updates, join the party on Facebook!


  • Gift Guide: Sunny Sagaform

    Meet our newest kitchen crush: Sagaform's "Season" dishes.  Each dish is accented with bright, punchy fruits and flowers - usually as a hidden, finishing touch - and comes prettily gift-boxed.

    Season baking dish $54

    Season serving bowl $48

    Season oven dishes (set of four) $38

    Season ramekins (set of four) $23

    Season jug (not pictured) $32

  • Small Business Saturday

    For Small Business Saturday, we're celebrating some of the local small businesses that we are honored to work with and represent in our small business!

    All day on Nov. 24th we're offering 15% off everything that is made, designed, written or built in Seattle. This includes jewelry from Sarah Loertscher and Frances Smersh, handbags and wallets by Alchemy Goods, jams and jellies from Deluxe Foods, home organization by Three by Three Seattle, belts and buckles by Steel Toe Studios, cookbooks by Kim O'Donnel, and many more.

  • Gift Guide: Techy


    Need a techy gift this holiday season?  We've got you covered!

    Clockwise, left to right:

    Take Time toggle watch from Lexon - available in five colors $56

    iPad cover from Alchemy Goods $34

    Pokket Mixer - a portable, pocket-sized DJ mixer $100

    Revo Smartphone Holder - use as a holder or a stand $14

  • Kristen Loffer Theiss Trunk Show, November 29th


    Kristin Loffer Theiss, a Mount Vernon-based artist, will be joining us for a trunk show Thursday, November 29th, from 6-9. She will be bringing a great selection of her onesies, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, plus prints, mobiles, and one-of-a-kind “drawings."

    Kristin’s drawings start as sketches on a sewing machine, where she stitches her subjects in continuously overlapping threads (check out the above video to see Kristin in action). She will have a sewing machine on hand Thursday and will be demoing her unusual sketching methods throughout the evening. This will be a perfect time to meet the artist and pick out some sweet wearables for yourself or your loved ones.

    Also, check out Kristin's interview with Seattle Met here!

    For all the latest updates, join our Facebook event!

  • November 15th Book Signing + Tasting!

    Three of Seattle’s top cookbook authors come together to share their latest literary creations at Click! on November 15th, 6-9pm.

    Kim O’Donnel’s book, “The Meat Lover’s Meatless Celebrations,” shows  you how to cook hearty, holiday-worthy vegetarian dinners for the meat-lover in all of us.

    Through easy-to-read recipes, Jeanne Sauvage you how to bake all of the traditional treats that are oh-so special to the holidays, while keeping them gluten-free.

    Cynthia Nims' book, “Salty Snacks,” satisfies your savory snack cravings with delicious, simple recipes for crackers, pretzels, and more.

    All three ladies will be present for book signings and sharing snacks from their new books. Come get ideas for your holiday cooking, while tasting yummy nibbles and meeting the authors!  For event updates, follow along on Facebook.

  • Rachel Austin opening and Deluxe Foods tasting

    Rachel Austin, a Portland-based artist, is debuting her newest collection of the “Poppies and Lanterns” series at our November 8th West Seattle Artwalk. These colorful, line-based oil paintings feature bright, intersecting spheres of color reminiscent of paper lanterns and poppies, and are a simple and gorgeous way to incorporate an abstract punch of pattern and color to your favorite living space. Rachel will be joining us for opening night — November 8th, from 6-9p.

    Also gracing us with her presence will be Rebecca Staffel of Deluxe Foods. Rebecca is the one-woman force behind this Seattle-based company, which creates amazing jellies, jams, and syrups. Each batch is created from peak-of-the-season, sustainably grown fruits and vegetables from Washington (well, except the citrus), following classic French recipes with imaginative twists. We love the gingered rhubarb jam and the peach preserves with vanilla and bourbon, among others. Rebecca will be sharing tastes of her seasonal favorites, with plenty of jars available for purchase. Perfect hostess gift for the holidays!

  • Reminder: Anniversary Party this Saturday, October 13th!!

    Way back in October 2004 we opened shop in West Seattle's Admiral District, and in October 2010 we moved down the street into The Junction. We're throwing a party to celebrate 8 great years, and have lined up an awesome evening full of food, music, and giveaway treats.

    "Surprise Surprise" lighting from Artecnica

    Saturday October 13 from 5 to 9pm:

    • Discounts (to be announced) on everything in the store*
    • $10 Click! cash with purchase
    • Beer from Elliott Bay Brewing
    • Pretzels from Bakery Nouveau
    • Donuts from Mighty-O Donuts
    • Celebrity DJs on the POKKET mixer, a portable mixer for any mp3 devices you may have.  Learn to DJ the night away, anywhere you want!

    We're also going to be featuring many of our new holiday products, including the aforementioned Pokket mixer, and Surprise Surprise lamp (shown above).

    Thank you for being a part of our first eight years! Let us know if you're coming by RSVPing on our facebook page.
    *consigned artwork not included in discount

  • Pokket DJ mixer is here!

    Love the seamless quality of music being expertly DJ'd while you dance the night away? Do you have secret ambitions of being said DJ, slickly mixing songs while your friends dirty dance, swing dance, fist pump, knit sweaters?

    Behold!  Now you can be that DJ, without the booth. Enter the Pokket mixer, straight from the clubs of Berlin. This small device allows you to mix like a real DJ with your iPhone, iPod, or any other device that holds your favorite music.

    Simply plug in two phones, iPods, laptops (basically anything that plays music and has a headphone jack) and connect to a speaker system, then start mixing. You don't even need an outlet — the Pokket mixer doesn't require electricity or batteries to operate.

    We'll be playing and practicing during our Saturday night anniversary party, so stop by for a demo and start laying down some tracks! A perfect gift for the audiophile in your life — available in black, silver, green, gold, and red.

  • Save the date for our anniversary party!

    Click! is turning 8 this October! We're celebrating with a party, and you are most cordially (and enthusiastically) invited!

    Saturday, October 13th
    5-9 pm

    We'll have sales, giveaways, sips + snacks, and much more. Join the party to keep up to date on all our plans!

  • September Art Walk Artist: Ann Duffy

    This September and October Art Walk artist is local oil painter Ann Duffy.  Ann paints everyday scenes in the realist tradition, capturing perfect snapshots of our daily life in oil paint.  This new body of work focuses on West Seattle vignettes, which have the distinct feeling of being pulled from daily commutes or walks.

    "Someone once said that a good writer can make any subject matter interesting and I believe this to be true of painting." -Ann Duffy

    Ann's work will be gracing the walls of Click from September 13 - November 6th, with an opening reception Thursday, September 13th.  Come meet the artist and be sure to check out the rest of the West Seattle Junction's Art Walk from 6-9p.

  • Sunshine Sale Through August 31, 2012!

    We're putting some of our most summer-y items on sale now to help you soak up the rest of our Seattle summer in comfort and style.  Look how excited Rachel is about such a sunny sale!

    in stock Solair chairs $100 $145 each

    Not Neutral Hurricane lanterns set of two $25 $35

    Not Neutral melamine platters $15 $21

    $10 off all in stock t-shirts

    selected kids place mats by Modern Twist

    • sets $20 $27
    • single mats $12 $18

    Sale lasts through August 31st!

    UPDATE 8/23/12:

    Tonight for Shop Late Thursday from 6-9pm only all in-stock jewelry will be 20% off! This includes laser-cut bamboo, the amazing poppi rings, sweet glass jewels by Verre, rock star geometric jewelry by Sarah Loertscher, and of course our own Tattoo line. What's more, the lovelies at Twilight Artist Collective are offering the same deal tonight on several of their jewelry artists!


  • Welcoming Perch to Click!

    hanging container $32

    Perch is our newest ceramic addition to Click!.  Since most Click! employees have deep love affairs with ceramics, we have been anxiously awaiting our first order of clean, colorful porcelain containers to help artfully organize our little things.  Handmade in Brooklyn by Amy Adams, each piece is thoughtfully designed and created.

    wall container $42

    We are also introducing Perch's line of soy candles — delicious scents (lavender + peppermint, green tea + willow, and lemongrass) packaged in sweet, reusable porcelain cups.  Yes, please!

    soy candles in reusable porcelain cups $36

  • West Seattle Artwalk + Afterparty: Thursday, August 9th

    This Thursday is the West Seattle Artwalk! We'll have Mylen Huggins in the store to chat about her Oval and Line collection of paintings, which will grace our walls for one more month. Click here for our more details about Mylen and her current body of work!

    After you've meandered through the Junction for Artwalk, meet us at the Benbow room for an after party presented by The West from 9p-2a.  There will be live music and cool company - tickets are $5 at the door or free in limited quantities from participating Art Walk venues. This is a first come, first served event and is certain to fill up fast!

  • You're invited to a party!

    Our own Sarah Loertscher was nominated as a City Arts Magazine Art Walk Award Finalist!  City Arts Magazine is throwing a party to decide who's the winner — you get to vote for your favorite.  The winner receives win $1,000 and a profile in an upcoming issue of City Arts!

    When: Wednesday,August 8th 7p-11p

    Where: 1927 Events on 3rd Ave (click here for a map)

    What: party!  DJ, free bar, free admission when you rsvp.  Click here to go to the Facebook invite, or rsvp by emailing promos@cityartsmagazine.com with Art Walk in the subject line.

  • Jo handbags

    Dakota handbag $338

    Late July brings the debut of Jo handbags, our newest handbag crush. Coated canvas, burlap, and boot leather blend to create cool, clean handbags with a touch of badassery.

    Zooey handbag, blue $248

    Many of Jo's goods are interchangeable in their functions - clutches become handbags, a handbag becomes a messenger which becomes a backpack. Easy to use, easy to wear, and super easy on the eyes.

    Gia clutch $88

    Jo Handbags are created by three friends: Dee, Delia, and Wendy, and are made entirely in North America. We're super-honored to be one of the first shops in the Northwest to carry this gorgeous line.

    Schoolboy handbag + backpack $383

  • Cider Tasting this Shop Late Thursday, July 26th!

    Finnriver Organic Farm and Cidery will be joining Click! this coming Thursday in celebration of the Junction's Shop Late Thursdays.  Stop by to taste several of their hand-crafted sparkling hard ciders and spirited fruit wines, and learn about their vibrant sustainable farm on the Olympic Peninsula.  Finnriver ciders (both sparkling and dessert ciders) are locally available at the Beer Junction, and you can often enjoy a pint poured straight from the tap.

    We're doubling up on the drink with Twilight Artist Collective (just 132 steps away on Alaska!) Twilight is hosting a tasting of Joia Soda - four delicious flavors blended from fruits, herbs and spices. Sip and shop - what a refreshing evening!

  • Good designs for good people.

    This may go without saying, but we are super design nerds here at Click!. Give us a book of fonts, a bevy of color swatches, or anything made in Scandinavia and we are happy, happy campers. These are some of our top well-designed gifts of the month.

    Pantone mugs — $16.  Did you know? Coffee + color love one another.

    "Eastlake" iPad sleeves by Alchemy Goods — $34.  Now you and your iPad can kick it recycled-inner-tube-style in these 79% upcycled sleeves.

    Taki watches (many styles and colors available in the store) — $86.  Cool design, easy to read face, and head-turning colors.

  • Design House Stockholm's Bjork Rugs

    The "Bjork" rug, which is Swedish for "birch," (not "a tortured, wailing icelandic artist" as some believe) is a woven blend of black, gray, and white wool that references the delicate, striking patterns of birch bark.  Edged with leather, these gorgeous rugs help define your space and add a cool layer of subtle texture.

    We'll have two sizes in both Light Gray and Dark Gray.

    Runner $250

    31.5 x 98.5" (roughly 2 1/2' x 8 1/4')

    Medium $500

    67 x 94.5"(roughly 5 1/2' x 8')

  • Jonathan Adler Rugs

    New for July!  Already filled your shelves and table tops with adorable Adler?  Perfect... now you can cover your floors.

    We're looking forward to introducing our newest foray into Jonathan Adler's world; boldly patterned rugs handwoven from New Zealand wool.  We'll have two sizes (2x3' and 5x8') and eight different patterns in the store, and the ability to order any available rug to perfectly fit your decor.

    2x3' rugs $145

    5x8' rugs $595

  • Summerfest!

    Question: What has live bands, food, cold beer, shopping, sidewalk sales, and a kids' area?

    Answer: Summerfest! West Seattle's once-a-year, let's-close-the-street-and-see-what-happens street fair extravaganza. We'll have specials in the store and on the sidewalk all weekend long, and so will the other shops and boutiques up and down California Ave.

    The whole thing kicks off with the West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday July 12th when we'll have an opening reception for the lovely Mylen Huggins, who will be putting ovals and lines in perspective.

  • July + August Artwalk artist, Mylen Huggins

    We're happy to welcome our next Artwalk artist, Mylen Huggins. Mylen's Ovals & Lines collection is deeply inspired by an intersection near her home in Greenlake.  Her paintings juxtapose thin lines that loop in and out of her paintings with ellipses and fields of overlapping colors.

    Mylen will be bringing her acrylic and gouache paintings to Click! for the summer, with openings on both Thursday, July 12th and Thursday, August 9th, from 6-9pm.  The July 12th opening is right before West Seattle Summerfest, which is always fun — the streets are full of pedestrians, sometimes a band strikes up an impromptu practice session — basically, the party starts early.  Meet Mylen and join in the other Artwalk festivities!

  • Shop Late Thursday T-shirt Sale

    In conjunction with Twilight Artist Collective, we're offering 20% off all our T-shirts during this week's Shop Late Thursday - June 28th, from 6-9p.  Pop in to see our new T-shirts by klt:works Cry Wolf Clothing and FluffyCo, and then walk over to Twilight to check out their cool collection of tees.   It's almost time for short sleeves.... right?

  • Fatboy Summer Set Event!

    The folks at Fatboy are having a giveaway event to kick off the summer - if you purchase an Original Fatboy bean bag chair in selected colors, you'll receive the matching ottoman for free!  We have several summery sets already in stock, and you can special order any other color you might want. UPDATE: Special orders have ended for this event. We have two sets remaining: Orange and Turquoise. The promotion will end entirely on July 12, 2012.

    Also! We have a bunch of new Fatboy products in the Click! haus - come in to check out the new Flowerpowersol and everyone's favorite hammock.

    Flowerpowersol $298

  • Shop Late Thursdays are back in the Junction!

    Not sure how to spend these lingering, still-light-at-9:30pm evenings?  Come hang out in the Junction with us! Enjoy a delicious dinner, get some extra shopping in, and perhaps partake in some late night happy hours.  We'll be offering special deals during these late night events, so follow us on FacebookTwitter, or sign up for our mailing list to stay in touch!

  • Whisk(e)y Lovers.

    Nothing says summer like sitting outside, sipping your favorite single malt, and watching... absolutely nothing.  Or watching falling stars, frolicking whales, growing grass — whatever your pleasure.

    And if we can't be sitting next to you, we'd like to contribute to such a lovely summer pastime with a few of our newest and most favored whisky-themed items.

    Whisky Stones by Teroforma $21 — soapstone cubes chill your drink with without watering down your dram.

    Whisky glasses by Teroforma — set of 2 $46 — available in gray (above) and clear.

    Whisky Lovers set by Teroforma — pair a set of two whisky glasses and a set of Whisky Stones for $60

    Rocking Whiskey glasses by Sagaform — set of six $32.  Designed to rock, just like Dad. (Dad's day is June 17th.  Just sayin').

  • Al Fresco dining with Click!

    It's that time of year when we try to eek out as much outdoor time as we can, especially if the day contains an ounce of sunshine.  No usable daylight should be wasted indoors, and eating outside is particularly lovely when the dusk stretches to nearly 10pm.  Here are a few items to help you set your outdoor table - bon appetit!

    Govino glasses — BPA-free, recyclable, unbreakable glasses — perfect outside, by the pool, by the beach, with the kids.  set of 4 $15

    MyDrap napkins — 100% cotton napkins come on a roll for easy transport and storage.  These compostable napkins hold up to 6 washes in the washing machine if you'd like to reuse them, or they can go directly into the compost bin.  They come in 5 sizes and 20+ colors, and we have swatches if you'd like to special order for your next outdoor event. Rolls are $28 each (lunch napkin rolls contain 25, dinner napkins/placemat rolls contain 12).

    Outdoor lanterns by NotNeutral — each set of two is $35.  Mix and match from your choice of green, yellow, or blue (orange coming in July!)

    Melamine platters by Not Neutral $21.  Red, orange, green, and blue currently in the store.  Make your presentation pop!

    Single use, absolutely gorgeous paper tableware by Wasara.  Clean and sturdy design — lovely for an outdoor wedding or other elegant celebrations.  Price varies for each pack of 6 — ask us about bulk discounts.

  • In the kitchen at Click!

    Summer can be a season for sharing lovely little gifts — hostess gifts for the friends who are letting you crash at their pad in the San Juans (they knew it was coming when they bought a place in the San Juans), housewarming occasions for new digs, Dad's day, teachers, graduations.  We have sweet kitchen items that work for both the accomplished chef, the spaghetti-only cook, or the let's-just-buy-something-at-Trader-Joe's (and those of us who empathize with all parties).

    Garlic rocker by Joseph Joseph $18 — quickly, cleanly mince your garlic with easy clean-up.

    CUPPOW! $10 — turns a canning jar into a to-go mug. YES.

    Bottle openers by FluffyCo $38 — crack open a cold beverage of your choice while looking ever so cool.

    3-in-1 Pasta Server by Sagaform $16 — measure, grate, serve, repeat.

    Trader Joe's cookbook $18 — enough said. Get thee to TJ's!

  • Alchemy Goods

    It's here! Alchemy Goods now makes iPad sleeves — hooray! Finally, your iPad can fearlessly kick around the world in the same style as your favorite bag. You know your little Apple friend has been waiting for this momentous moment.

    "Eastlake" and "Redmond" iPad sleeves $34

    We are also well-stocked with many of the other awesome products Alchemy Goods create from bicycle inner tubes and ingenuity. As well as handbags, they have some rockin' accessories for both guys and gals (and helpful side note alert: Father's Day is rapidly approaching! June 17th!)

    "Elliott" dop kit $32, created with truck tire inner tubes

    Inner tube belt $42 (cog buckle from Steel Toe Studios, $55)

    "Franklin" wallet $35 (other styles available, from super minimal wallets to heavy duty clutches)

    If you don't see exactly the style you want in the store, let us know and we can always special order it for you.  Cos we loves you.

  • Real life testimonial

    Last year a regular customer purchased a Fatboy® hammock at Click!, and asked if he could talk for a moment about how much he loves our shop and our neighborhood:

    So awesome, right?!

    We love hearing from you. Feel free to post images of Click! products in your home on our Facebook page, or if you're so inclined, shoot a video of yourself in your new hammock!

    We have the best customers a store could ask for, and we love all of the positive feedback we get; it really confirms that what we're doing here is good and relevant and a positive contribution to our community!

  • Fatboy Hammocks return!

    Welcome to Fatboy Hammock season! We don't have them in the store yet, but you can pre-order your hammock to be ready for summer fun (and Father's Day!)  These giant hammocks are ready to rock you sweetly into summer.

    Fatboy hammocks break down quickly and come with carrying cases to easily bring to the beach, picnic, or camping.  Goes together in a snap, and can hold two adults or a gaggle of kids. Perfect for nap time. (Click! tested and approved!)

    Hammocks are $499

    Hammock Pillows are $59

  • Truffle Love

    We're happy to share an exciting development to our Mother's Day trunk show this weekend — local truffle-maker extraordinaire Lisa Renoe.  Lisa will be bringing a variety of her handmade, French-style chocolates to taste and purchase.  A self-confessed chocoholic who wasn't quite satisfied with store bought chocolates, she began creating her own three years ago to fill the truffle-ly void in her heart.  This culinary adventure has lead to such delicious creations like curry mango truffles, port truffles, and orange blossom truffles, as well as rich standards like bourbon pecan and dark chocolate.

    Basically, we totally have you covered for Mother's Day, so be sure to stop by this Saturday from 11-5!  Bring your momma, your baby momma, or just yourself, and pick out some gorgeous Lulu Smith jewelry and sumptuous chocolate.  Whether it's for yourself or a special lady, you can't go wrong.

  • Mother's Day and the Triple Lucy pendant

    Once upon a time, a mom came into Click! and wanted to buy one of Sarah Loertscher's "Double Lucy" pendants. But she was hoping that instead of the necklace having only two silver components (one bright silver, one darkened) it could also have a third, in gold, to represent her three kids. Her youngest was with her and exclaimed "I want to be the gold one!". How could Sarah say no to that?

    Sarah Loertscher Mother's Day Lucy NecklaceEver since, this has been our favorite gift for moms. Think of the three polygons however you like (one each for mom and dad plus baby makes three?) or simply as a clean, durable design that can be worn everyday.

  • Lulu Smith Mother's Day Trunk Show

    We are thrilled to be hosting a trunk show for our friend and fellow jeweler Lulu Smith on Mother's Day weekend, May 12-13th. Lulu is an established jeweler and colorist who has been crafting her gorgeous resin adornments for over twelve years.

    Lulu and Click! proprietress Frances Smersh have spent many of those years trading jewelry stories, craft fair adventures and wholesale triumphs and tragedies. Both have scaled back their trade show schedule and relish running into each other in the West Seattle 'hood instead of in convention centers and craft show booths.

    Flourish pendant, Dragonfly earrings

    Lulu's intoxicating work is hand-pigmented resin inlaid in sterling silver — splashes of bright, punchy colors pop out of their graphic sterling silver frames. Some of her work lends itself to deep, subtle shifts in color, and other backless, translucent jewels shine like stained glass in the light.

    Prose pendant

    Trunk show: Saturday, May 12, 11-5 (that's the day before Mother's Day, friends!)  Join our Facebook event for updates, and give us a like if you're so inclined!

    Lulu's work will be in the store through the weekend — stop by, bring the family, and pick out some lovely jewels for the lady in your life.

    UPDATE 5/4/2012: Another West Seattle artist will be joining us for this event: Lisa Renoe, who's craft is making beautifully delicious chocolate truffles! We'll be sampling a few of her favorite flavors and will have gift packs available for sale.

  • The Sculpted Tree

    One of the things we love about Click! is sharing gorgeous hand-crafted goods with our favorite peeps (that's you!).  On the last trip to New York, John and Frances fell in love with the the work of Nick Rosato, one very talented woodworker from Vermont.

    Click! just received a shipment of Nick's beautiful, meticulously formed platters.  We have two sets created from differing woods (flame maple and birdseye maple - detail below of the birdseye) and they can be sold together or separately.  Perfect, thoughtful gifts for weddings and housewarmings!

    Each piece is individually signed by the artist, with a reference to the specific wood each platter is made from.

    small platter $39 • medium platter $48 • large platter $56

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